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Welcome to Saigon, the most dymanic city of the country. Founded some 300 years ago, it’s the biggest melting-spot of the country.

Formerly Gia Dinh, a major fortified city that served as the administration centre for the southern territories and a major trading hub during the Nguyen Dynasty. War with the French saw the former star shaped citadel reduced to ruins. Unlike Thang Long (Hanoi) where the defenders surrendered within days and so much of the old citadel remained undamaged. The fighting in the south dragged on for several years left little trace of the old imperial majesty. During French colonial period Gia Dinh was rebuilt into an administration centre and thriving trading port.

Gia Dinh became Saigon and the capital city of the Republic of Vietnam (or South Vietnam) and was affectionately referred to as the Pearl of the Orient (Hòn Ngọc Viễn Đông).

Hoi An

The Ancient Town of Hoi An, formerly known as Faifo. Before Faifo, it was a part of Amaravati, the ancient Champa Kingdom. Hoi An was an important trading port from Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe. This is a town that is almost frozen in time and a well preserved Old Town. There are many sites to explore at your leisure, the thousand year old Champa Ba Le Well, the Japanese covered bridge.

At the collapse of the Chinese Ming Dynasty, refugees fleeing persecution was granted asylum by the Nguyen Lord and settled in Hoi An who built many ancestral halls around town. These halls have left a mark on the architecture of the town just as the refugees who have made Hoi An their home left their mark on the unique dialect and the food of the town. Further around town are the ruin of the ancient holy site of the Champa Kingdom Mỹ Sơn. Cham Island, a beautiful diving spot. An Bang beach with water sports like surfing, kite surfing and SUP and nightlife of beach bars and tourists. There are 4 must try dishes in Hoi An that you Fun Genie will surely introduce you to. These are cao lầu, mỳ Quảng, bánh mỳ, cơm gà. There are numerous street vendors and market stalls that serve up these delectable treats. Within the Old Town are upmarket restaurants that serve up westernised versions or modern fusion re-interpretations. Some have even gone down the path of “deconstruction”. If you prefer the authentic version then we recommend any street vendors or the market stalls. Cheap and wonderful and putting the money in the hands of those who need it.


Hanoi Old Quarter is made up of 36 market streets that made up the ancient trading centre of the old Thang Long – the ancient capital. Not much remains of old Thang Long but there are still vestiges of ancient temples and old life if you’re paying attention. Wander down alley ways where old temples and ancient trees still remain amidst the chaos. The Old Quarter, formerly known as “Kẻ Chợ” was a burstling trading town that supplied luxury goods for the consumption of the elites at the royal court. Each street is named after a particular goods that was traded on the street. “Hàng Bạc” for instance was and still is to some extent, where silver smiths traded their wares. The energy of a capital trading town attracted all sorts of unsavoury characters that the word “Kẻ Chợ” became a derogatory term for those who live at the market. Nowadays, the Old Quarter is the most expensive realestate in Vietnam and possibly all of South East Asia.


Huế was the Imperial Capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, the last monarchy. Huế has its own pace and being the imperial seat, Huế is famed for the food enjoyed by emperors. Visit the Forbidden City which saw intense conflict during 1968 Tet Offensive that destroyed much of the splendor. The Nguyen Emperors liked to build grand tombs to themselves (except the final three). Each Emperor built move lavish tombs than the one before. Visiting these tombs are a treat for those who love ancient architecture.

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